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Please Pray

  • Vern brain tumor

    Recently Vern lost his girlfriend of 16 years, Melinda who attended Restoration, and now he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Praying he receives a miracle!

  • Jasmine and her grandmother

    Jasmine needs divine healing and health. Her grandma has organs damaged and failing due to hard prescription drugs. Agree with her pleading “the precious priceless Blood of Jesus” over her body, soul, and spirit for divine health and healing.

  • 16 year old with Juvenile RA

    First drugs not working, moving to more toxic drugs. This is my friend’s Cousin.

  • Sarah Scott: Surgery @ noon

    Please be praying for Sarah , Mary and Bernie Thorrez' granddaughter, she is having surgery @ noon in Denver to repair an aneurysm in her brain. It is suspected that this is what caused the original bleed in January. It wasn't visible on the imaging back then because it had deflated/drained. It is now visible because it's full of blood again, increasing the chance of re-rupture.

  • Aunt Celeste

    My aunt was diagnosed with colon cancer again, she is having surgery in 2 weeks, please pray the doctors get all the cancer
    God Bless

  • Rokky Rich (Brad & Heidi Egner)

    Please be praying for Rokky Rich. He is the son of Heidi Egner. Today is the day of the WADA test where they numb both halves of the brain at separate times to determine the potential outcome of removal of the left temporal lobe and if it will get rid of the cause of seizures.

    Heidi anticipated this being a hard day for Rokky both mentally and physically as he is awake the whole time.

    Please continue to pray for peace, protection, strength and wisdom.

  • Jerry Nobles

    Jerry had foot surgery yesterday and is doing well. He has a boot that he can walk on which was unexpected but awesome. Please keep him in prayer for a speedy recovery!

  • Ashley Tomlinson's Step-mom passed away

    Ashley Tomlinson's stepmother passed away unexpectedly. She was only 43. Victoria Sloyer (Ashley's mom) is asking for prayer for Ashley and her kids and for the whole family. Bruce and Victoria were headed out to Missouri yesterday to be with them. Please keep them in prayer

  • Ralph is home!

    Ralph did not have to go to Elkhorn because he is doing so well! Thank you for your prayers! Thank you Jesus!

  • Ralph Helms back surgery

    Ralph had surgery October 2nd and is in recovery at WMC until he is moved to Elkhorn. Praying his pain will be miraculously reduced and he will have a complete and speedy recovery. In Jesus Name we pray! Amen!